How to Buy Norton Security Product?

There are many ways to buy Norton security products. More and more people are buying them online.

Norton Online Store offers latest versions of all Norton security products on offer. When you buy and download a product directly from the Norton Online Store, you can locate the product key under the ‘Services’ tab in your Norton account.

If you opt to buy Norton security product from a third-party website, you will find a download link as well as the product key or activation code in your e-mail.

People can, of course, purchase Norton products from a retail store. A shopkeeper may give you a boxed CD or DVD which you can use for installation of your desired Norton product, or a retail card with the 25-character product key mentioned on it. In case you have a retail card, you can download your product from the given link, and use the product key to activate it.

People who buy Norton security or Deluxe products can install them on 5 or 10 devices respectively. In such cases, they may share Norton setup program on a USB drive. Click on the installation program and use the product key to activate it in this case.

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