Amazon’s Deal of the Day for Microsoft Office 365 and Norton Setup

Amazon’s “Deal of the Day” on Black Friday. As part of this, Amazon releases big discounts on products by partnering up with companies for one day only.

Today Amazon has released a bundle deal for Norton Antivirus and Microsoft Office 365. At just $80, this deal gives you a subscription to both programs for one-year. You can install the programs on up to 5 computers or devices.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with the full installations of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. PC users will get Publisher, Access, and Onenote added on top. Microsoft is also giving 60 minutes of Skype calls each month and 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage for up to 5 users.

Norton will keep your devices up-to-date to defend against malware, spyware, and unsafe websites. It will also work as a guard for your identity and online transactions.

The price for Norton listed at $80. MS Office 365 Home Subscription which allows for five users like the one in the bundle deal has a retail price of $85. This means that today’s one day deal could save you around 50% from the retail price.

Now is your chance to get either of these for a discount if you need a new subscription.

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Guaranteed Protection for Your Devices Online

McAfee is the industry’s first cross-device security solution for individuals and families that protects devices connected to the internet quickly, easily and cost-effectively. McAfee All Access enables consumers to secure smartphones, tablets, netbooks, PCs, and Macs with an optimal level of protection for each device. License for is based on single user or family user regardless of the number of devices they need to secure.

As per the McAfee Digital Assets Survey, twenty-five percent of consumers globally have five or more digital devices and sixty percent own at least three digital devices. Out of which, forty-one percent of consumers spend more than twenty hours per week on personal activities using their digital devices. With McAfee All Access users now have protection without having to make decisions to buy for each and every one of their devices. This would eradicate the hassle of dealing with individual licenses each time they want to add or eliminate a device.

McAfee All Access is quick to install, activate and manage the protection of data, internet activities, and computer system and also to have the track on kids:

  • Data protection: Restore and backup data on all your devices. Locate, lock and wipe mobile devices remotely using All-Access. Well, make your smartphone scream in case if you have replaced.
  • Safeguard online activities: Safely share contents and block risky sites.
  • Secure system: Protection against viruses, spyware, malware, and hackers.
  • Track on kids: Have hawk eye on kid’s activity including internet and social network. The user can even actively filter inappropriate contents from YouTube and other sources.

With consumers becoming aware of the online threats the need to protect data and devices is increasing at a reduced cost. All-Access changes the way by providing effective security service at a minimized cost in today’s multi-device world.

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How to Buy Norton Security Product?

There are many ways to buy Norton security products. More and more people are buying them online.

Norton Online Store offers latest versions of all Norton security products on offer. When you buy and download a product directly from the Norton Online Store, you can locate the product key under the ‘Services’ tab in your Norton account.

If you opt to buy Norton security product from a third-party website, you will find a download link as well as the product key or activation code in your e-mail.

People can, of course, purchase Norton products from a retail store. A shopkeeper may give you a boxed CD or DVD which you can use for installation of your desired Norton product, or a retail card with the 25-character product key mentioned on it. In case you have a retail card, you can download your product from the given link, and use the product key to activate it.

People who buy Norton security or Deluxe products can install them on 5 or 10 devices respectively. In such cases, they may share Norton setup program on a USB drive. Click on the installation program and use the product key to activate it in this case.

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The Truth About Norton Antivirus

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that Norton Setup is best left to experts! It is easy and quite straight-forward, even if you have limited computer skills.

Symantec Corporation launched Norton Antivirus 25 years ago, and since then, Norton Security products have ruled the market for successfully protecting us from phishing, data theft, and other dangers of the digital world.

Symantec is an American software company headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States. Symantec produces software for storage, security, and backup. Symantec also specializes in offering professional services to support its software. Symantec started with artificial intelligence projects which included database program. With advanced natural language, Symantec began to develop software. The first sales began 1985 with a lot of changes in the ownership of the company. Their promotion was named as six-pack promotion which means the employee would work six days a week and would meet six dealers per day and train six representatives per store. This program was very successful. They also run a promotion campaign of SofSell which was Symantec’s exclusive wholesale distributor in the United States.

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