Guaranteed Protection for Your Devices Online

McAfee is the industry’s first cross-device security solution for individuals and families that protects devices connected to the internet quickly, easily and cost-effectively. McAfee All Access enables consumers to secure smartphones, tablets, netbooks, PCs, and Macs with an optimal level of protection for each device. License for is based on single user or family user regardless of the number of devices they need to secure.

As per the McAfee Digital Assets Survey, twenty-five percent of consumers globally have five or more digital devices and sixty percent own at least three digital devices. Out of which, forty-one percent of consumers spend more than twenty hours per week on personal activities using their digital devices. With McAfee All Access users now have protection without having to make decisions to buy for each and every one of their devices. This would eradicate the hassle of dealing with individual licenses each time they want to add or eliminate a device.

McAfee All Access is quick to install, activate and manage the protection of data, internet activities, and computer system and also to have the track on kids:

  • Data protection: Restore and backup data on all your devices. Locate, lock and wipe mobile devices remotely using All-Access. Well, make your smartphone scream in case if you have replaced.
  • Safeguard online activities: Safely share contents and block risky sites.
  • Secure system: Protection against viruses, spyware, malware, and hackers.
  • Track on kids: Have hawk eye on kid’s activity including internet and social network. The user can even actively filter inappropriate contents from YouTube and other sources.

With consumers becoming aware of the online threats the need to protect data and devices is increasing at a reduced cost. All-Access changes the way by providing effective security service at a minimized cost in today’s multi-device world.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Setup HP Printer

This may vary depending upon the type of printer but most of the printer from HP can be setup following this methods:

Step 1: How to remove the HP printer from the box:

  1. Safely remove the HP printer from the box.
  2. Safe removal means to remove all the tape and packaging material from the outside of the HP printer.
  3. Make sure that you remove the sticker on the HP printer control panel.
  4. Grasp the handle from the side of the HP printer and raise the cartridge access door until it gets locked into place. Now remove all the packaging material from inside of the HP printer.
  5. Once all the packaging material is removed close the ink cartridge access door.
  6. Next is to open the input tray door of the HP printer. Gently pull it towards yourself and extend the paper tray and remove the packaging tape.

Now push the input tray forward until it clicks into the place to close the input tray door.

Next step would be included in the upcoming post linked here…

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An Overview on HP Printer Services

HP Inc. focuses on computers and printers. HP printer service centers are established all over the world for better convenience. Although services vary based on the users need. As you all know HP printers are categorized into home HP printer and business HP printer. HP makes sure that it provides services to all of its customers. Although it can be noted as importance is given to business HP printers as they make out the major chunk of profit. This is not the only reason though. Since business HP printer run time is more i.e. HP printer are used continuously and hence wear and tear increases leading to more service visits from HP service employees. Whereas most complaints about home printers are of that their ink has dried due to low usage of the printer. After all its ink and it will dry out if not utilized for a long time. Thus making use of the HP printer once in a while is important to avoid service cost. Although HP Inc. doesn’t differentiate in services whether it’s for home printers or for business printers. They always recommend things to the users based on their use of the HP printer to avoid additional costs.

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How to Buy Norton Security Product?

There are many ways to buy Norton security products. More and more people are buying them online.

Norton Online Store offers latest versions of all Norton security products on offer. When you buy and download a product directly from the Norton Online Store, you can locate the product key under the ‘Services’ tab in your Norton account.

If you opt to buy Norton security product from a third-party website, you will find a download link as well as the product key or activation code in your e-mail.

People can, of course, purchase Norton products from a retail store. A shopkeeper may give you a boxed CD or DVD which you can use for installation of your desired Norton product, or a retail card with the 25-character product key mentioned on it. In case you have a retail card, you can download your product from the given link, and use the product key to activate it.

People who buy Norton security or Deluxe products can install them on 5 or 10 devices respectively. In such cases, they may share Norton setup program on a USB drive. Click on the installation program and use the product key to activate it in this case.

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